4th Quarter 2017

The Story of Geem Begins!

1st Quarter 2018

Core Product Development
  • Core product development started including long term product plans.
  • GeemExplorer is now publicly accessible.
  • Social Media and community accounts established including Bitcointalk, Twitter and Reddit.
  • 10 unannounced masternodes deployed across the globe.

2nd Quarter 2018

Core Software Release
  • Core product development completed.
  • Released Geem GUI and CLI wallet binaries on github for all major platforms.
  • All source released on github.
  • is now publicly accessible.
  • Released Geem GUI and CLI wallet binaries for direct downloads from

3rd Quarter 2018

Network Enhancements
  • Planned network enhancements with addition of multiple announced masternodes. Completed. Added to core Geem nodes.
  • Planned deployment of the official Geem mining pool. Completed.
  • Official mining pool operational at

4th Quarter 2018

Lite Wallet Development
  • Lite wallet development started for all major platforms including Linux, Windows and MacOS.
  • Geem Lite wallet to introduce the new masternode model.
  • Geem masternode collateral announcement.