The Genesis Inception

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Geem is a decentralized, anonymous cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote technology. Block 1 of the Geem blockchain was mined at 12/15/2017, 7:41:56 PM. The genesis block was mined 1 second before 12/15/2017, 7:41:55 PM but the blockchain will always show the UNIX Epoch time.

This project was started by myself with a passion for blockchain technology and my love for cryptocurrencies. The official service explorer for Geem is here and the project’s main domain is The official bitcointalk announcement thread is here. The official github account for Geem is here. At this time, the official GUI and CLI wallets for all major platforms including Linux, Windows and MacOS have been released  here and also using the github link above. Source will be released at a later time.

If we talk a little more about the technical aspects of the Geem project, below are some fast fact you might be interested in:
Ticker: GEEM
Symbol: with horizontal stroke.
Proof-of-work algorithm: CryptoNight
Block time: 120 seconds
Difficulty: Retarget each block
Block reward: slight decrease every block according to formula:
Base Reward = (MSupply – A)/218
Where MSupply is the number of atomic units and ‘A’ is amount of already generated coins.
Premine: 10%
P2P port: 2045
RPC port: 2046
Addresses start with: G
Untraceable transactions with ring signatures.
Difficulty target: 120 Seconds.
Current Blockchain Version: 2.0
Tail emission: ~1.00 GEEM
Current block as of writing this article: 39510
Current block reward as of writing this article: 65.61961136 GEEM.

The Geem project currently has a total of 6 master/seed nodes that are scattered across the globe. These nodes are located in Australia, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, France and the United States. There are another 10 master/seed nodes that are unannounced for security reasons.

The Official Geem Logo

The Official Geem Logo.

The Official Geem Icon.

The Official Geem Icon.

Geem is a minable coin and is not a token on another blockchain. Its a cryptocurrency that started from height 0 and will continue growing. Below is what our official Geem GUI wallet looks like. The feature that I love the most about the Geem wallet is that mining is directly available within the wallet and an average PC can be easily used to mine, with just a single click!

Geem Wallet Main interface.

Geem Wallet Main interface.

Geem will never hold an ICO and therefore cannot be considered a security. 90% of the blockchain is to be mined by the community. The reasons for the 10% premine include bounties, development, the developer, and to cover any future expenses related to the project.
I am hoping that the crypto community will like and support this project and would recommend everyone to mine as block rewards are very high at this time since the blockchain is in its early stages.

Below are the official social media accounts for Geem.
At this time, these are the only official social media accounts for the Geem project.
If you would like to reach out regarding this project, you are welcome to email me at: contact(at)